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Australian Students Help Build Lamjung School

 -  The Himalayan Times

Lamjung, January 30 - Some 45 students of architecture from various universities of Australia, who are here on a vacation, are toiling since January 9 to construct a building of Lata Kunja Lower Secondary School at Siurung in Khudi, Lamjung district. Not only that, they have given Rs 50,000 to the school management committee for the school's upkeep.

"They are busy constructing the walls of the school building, crafting furniture and levelling the school ground from 6 am to 5 pm daily," teachers in the school said.

Elated at doing yeoman's service, leader of the Australian students' team Stephen Hordoijan said: "Large volumes of construction are possible even with micro-investment in Nepal. We are happy to be involved in the work."
The school's students are also helping the Australians in the construction work.

"With great effort, a building of the school was constructed with the income gleaned from a community forest in Siurung a year ago," headmaster Umar Bahadur Gurung said.

"As the district education office ignored our repeated demands for upgrading the Lata Kunja Primary School -- established in 2012 BS -- to a lower secondary one, locals are running classes for the lower secondary level in the school with local resources," guardians said.
Chairperson of the school management committee Hajman Gurung expressed happiness at the Australian students' efforts.

The Himalayan Times


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