-  Monday 24 June 2019

US criticizes royal rule in Nepal

The United States said that one year of "palace rule" in Nepal has only worsened security in the Himalayan kingdom and boosted Maoist insurgents. 
In a strident criticism marking the first anniversary of King Gyanendra's seizure of power, the US State Department called on the monarch to return to democracy and start talks with political parties.

"The United States remains troubled by developments in Nepal, one year after the king seized power on February 1, 2005," said deputy state department spokesman Adam Ereli in the statement.

"Twelve months of palace rule have only made the security situation more precarious, emboldened the Maoist insurgents, and widened the division between the country's political parties and the king.

"The United States remains particularly concerned by the Maoist insurgency, which presents the most immediate threat to a peaceful and prosperous Nepal," Ereli added.

"We urge the king to return to democracy by initiating a dialogue with the country's political parties. After one year of unsuccessful authoritarian rule, this is the best way to address the Maoist insurgency and to build a brighter future for Nepal's people," the statement said.

Nepalese opposition groups have said they will mark Wednesday's anniversary with protests and a mass rally.


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