-  Monday 24 February 2020

Nepal, Kuwait review ASA

KATHMANDU, Feb 1 - Nepal and Kuwait reviewed air service agreement (ASA) during a bilateral civil aviation meeting held recently in Kuwait. The agreement opens avenues for new private airlines to begin air services between the two countries.
"We reviewed ASA with Kuwait in order to pave the way for private airlines to establish air links between the two countries," said Yagya Gautam, joint secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation and Tourism, who was a member of the delegation to Kuwait.

"The review was essential with respect to the growing number of private airlines in the Nepali sky who are keen to start international flights."

Nepal had signed ASA with Kuwait in the year 1999.  However, no airline operates flight service between the two countries as yet.

Gautam said as per the previous agreement, only state owned airlines from each country was allowed to operate flights between the two countries.

But, the reviewed agreement has incorporated multiple designation system, meaning there is no restriction on the number of airlines which are interested to operate in the sector. 

According to the reviewed agreement, seven flights can operate per week from each country whereas only two flights a week were permitted in the past. "Contrary to the previous agreement, which permitted only two cargo flights per week, three cargo flights can be operated as per the review agreement," he said.

Kuwait is a lucrative labour market for Nepalese. It is estimated that over 30,000 Nepalese are working in Kuwait. According to Gautam, Nepal has so far signed ASA with a total of 35 countries.


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