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New York University event on Nepal

11 November, New York,

        Talk program organize in a New York University on “violation of international law in .”

 Advocate Dinesh Tripathi was invited as a guest speaker to deliver a talk. He spoke on the occasion that-- There is massive violation of international human rights laws and international humanitarian laws are taking place in . had ratified all the major international human rights instruments but implementation part is extremely weak in the . There is massive non-compliance with the international human rights norms in the .

 April movement was a huge success and one of the historic events in Nepal but evil forces are conspiring to undermine the mandate of April movement. needs to fully integrate with international human rights regime and aspiration of full freedom and genuine democracy of Nepalese peoples need to be respected.

  It is the irony of Nepali history that no action has taken against any perpetrator and violator. Recent agreements between seven party alliances are historic and positive one but lot depends on the sincere implementation of the agreement. can not afford violence and war. Genuine, just and democratic peace is the need of the hour in . International community and civil society has to be watchful on and support the full democratization and integration with the international human rights regime.

 International big power should not conspire against the will of Nepalese people and at the expense of people of Nepal should not support king and military. People of Nepal aspiring for full and genuine democracy and want to get rid of monarchy and all the feudal institution. International power should respect and allow to prevail the will of the people of .

 United nation has an extremely important role to play in Nepal and closely monitor the peace process. United Nation should use its resource and expertise to facilitate to build a genuine peace in the . It has to enhance it’s capability to effectively tackle the situation.

 International criminal tribunal need to be set up to conduct trial against the perpetrator. State and Maoist both need to abide by international human rights norms. Violation of international human rights norms and humanitarian norms shall not be allowed at any cost. Human rights and human dignity is the paramount. Military need to be fully democratized and fully put under civilian control. Total restructuring of the state is the need of the hour.

 People want a massive and positive change in order to build more just and fair socio- economic order. We the people of shall allow writing our own constitution and allow being the master of our own fate. New constitution should not only establish a political democracy but it also establishes a social and economic democracy too. In the country like Nepal Political democracy is essential but it is not enough.

 We need a vast socio-economic restructuring of the society. Our democracy must be inclusive and equitable and guarantee not only the civil and political rights of people but economic, social and cultural rights of people.

 In order to build genuine human rights culture in south Asia we need to have south Asian court of human rights. South Asian leader should show their political will to adopt south Asian human rights charter. It would be the biggest safeguard for south Asian people against military and undemocratic regime. Since it is an era of globalization of human rights, so south Asia region should not be lagging behind in this context.


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