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NACC formed in North America

KATHMANDU: Non-Resident Nepali diaspora living in North America has formally formed a North American Coordination Committee on 21 January 2006 within the framework of Nepalese Americas Council (NAC). Issuing a statement on Sunday the newly formed NACC said, a conference held in Nashville, Tennessee, which was attended by leaders representing various walks of life, had decided to form the committee.

Dr. Gaury S. Adhikari from Michigan heads the committee as its Executive President, while Suman Timsina (Pennsylvania) and Mr. Ratan Jha (Texas) will serve as the Vice Presidents, the statement added.

Other office bearers including Treasurer, National Coordinator, Members and Advisors will be filled shortly. The committee will be chaired by the President of NAC and the Dean of California State University’s College of Extended Learning, Dr. Jeet Joshee.

The newly formed committee will address NRN issues within North American diaspora and be a clearinghouse for their various Nepal related issues.

The NACC has also urged all NRN to keep close working relations with Nepali diaspora at large through NRN International Coordination Council (NRN-ICC) and through www.nepalcouncil.org) within North America.

The committee has expressed its confidence that North American Nepali diaspora will continue to contribute in overall development of Nepal through philanthropic, developmental, academic and other works by coordinating many on-going individual and other efforts through NRN mainstream.

Congratulating the committee Dr. Upendra Mahato, the President of NRN-ICC,expressed that “Nepali community of North America with its huge overall

potential has a very significant role to play in achieving the goal of the NRN movement. With the formation of NCC the NRN issue will gain much needed momentum in North America under the able leadership of Dr. Adhikari

and Dr. Joshee.”

Formation of NCC in North America is another significant milestone in the ever-expanding NRN movement. With its new chapter launched in the North America, the NRN Association now has a total of 19 NCCs around the world.

They include NRN NCCs in Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus,France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar, The Netherlands, New Zealand,

Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.


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