-  Saturday 15 August 2020

Orientation meet on AIDS held

LALITPUR: A four-day orientation seminar, organised with the objective of generating awareness on HIV and AIDS among officials of government organisations, public enterprises and NGOs, concluded yesterday.
Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) had organised the orientation.
Dr Madan Manandhar, director at the Consulting Service Department of the NASC, said that NASC will integrate HIV/AIDS issues in every management programme so that those who undertake programmes will get an opportunity to know more about HIV and AIDS.
A total of 14 participants took part in the seminar.
A seminar like this would help increase understanding of HIV/AIDS as a development issue and influence the officials to initiate HIV/AIDS response programmes in their organisations, Dr Manandhar said.
“We found out that even educated people did not know about HIV/AIDS. Such seminars would help them better understand dynamics of HIV/AIDS, reduce stigma and discrimination, thereby helping create a supportive environment for the HIV-infected or affected people.”
“The threat posed by HIV/AIDS cannot be addressed effectively if it is considered as a public health or medical issue alone,” Dr Manandhar said, adding a broader strategy should be developed to check HIV/AIDS.
“The seminar aims to sensitise the officials of government organisations, public enterprises and NGOs on HIV/AIDS,” said Dr Manandhar. Gopal Jung Rayamajhi, executive director, NASC, said: “HIV/AIDS is spreading at a fast pace. Trainers are being trained so that they can help check its spread by generate awareness among the colleagues.”


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