-  Saturday 15 August 2020

Army objects to Prachanda’s comments

 -  Kathmandu Post

The Nepali Army (NA) has expressed serious concern over "misleading" comments made by Maoist Chairman Prachanda at the Prime Minister's official residence in Baluwatar on

"The Nepali Army is seriously concerned over objectionable comments and allegations from Maoist chairman during the recent special government program organized at an important venue, which was telecast live all over the country and attended by top political leaders," a statement issued Thursday by NA’s Brigadier General Nepal Bhushan Chand, said.

The statement added that NA has behind it over two centuries old culture of glorious nationalism, protection of territorial integrity and selfless sacrifice for people's security.

"Nepal's history is testimony to the fact that from the past to the present, the NA has always remained and will continue to remain committed to protect the country's sovereignty, territorial integrity and dignity of the people under the direct command of the prevailing constitutional government," the statement adds.

On May 16 Prachanda had said the NA is good for nothing except "murdering people and raping Nepali women". The Maoist chairman also said that since the NA cannot fight Chinese or Indian armies, it should be reduced to 10,000 or 20,000. Prachanda, however, was conspicuously silent about the atrocities committed by his men during the conflict period, nor did he express any remorse over thousands of deaths.

Kathmandu Post


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