-  Thursday 21 February 2019

Mother, Tonight, I light a candle for you

 -  Kamala Sarup

Tonight, I light a candle for you
To warm up your reminiscence
Hair, eyes, smile, shape
Soul, mind, heart, character.

I see you between the shadows
Not that distant
Sometimes confused, sometimes determined,
Always mine.

The night has fallen like a black sheet
Leaving me blind, covered, and alone.
For you, tonight I light up a candle,
To pretend your being.

How important is my fragile, little candle
To heat up my soul
To clarify my steps
To see my limits
To find the path
To look for you in the darkness.

How strong is my fragile, petite Nepali mother
To embrace, to sustain, to provide for.
Tonight, I light up a candle for you,
To forge you on me.

Rain will come
Drops will fall
My light will not be extinguished
I will shelter it.

Wind will blow
Breeze will quench
My light will not be eradicated
I will lodge it.

What is black
Tomorrow will be clear
Blue, up in the sky
Red, deeper inside.

Dawn has arrived, it uncovers me, slowly
And now, my candle fades, it dies, softly.
But now, it is not important, my always loved.
It has passed its light to the star that rises.

Like a ballon, it rises up and high
And caresses my skin with its hotness,
And brings colours to my life
And gives happiness to others.
Mother, tonight, I light a candle for you

Then, among the forms, you standing.
Lighted on, hold my hand, the day is long
The journey exhausting, and above us
Our only partner, the bright star.

And when dusk comes, and you are about to sleep,
I will conceal you in my arms.  I see you...She
Noiseless, I will light up my candle for you,
your profile unmistakable
Sleepless at night, in the darkness, I will not
loose you again.
Tonight, I light a candle for you


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