-  Thursday 01 October 2020

    Capitulation in France

    Regarding the article "Chirac abandons embattled jobs plan" (April 11): It is with amused interest that we have watched whether the French "leader," President Jacques Chirac, would have the backbone to do what was in the best interest of his country regarding the new jobs law.
    But in the end, Chirac followed in the long tradition of French "leadership": when the going gets tough, surrender.
    One wonders how the French government will address the demands of the unions and activists when the French standing in the world finally hits rock bottom, and the quality of life in France is equivalent to a third world banana republic

    With the editorial "The Thai people speak" (April 10), you have demonstrated enthusiasm for "people power" with relation to the politics of Thailand.
    I'm sure, therefore, you must be very pleased with the effects of people power on the apparent emasculation of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin in France.
    Now that people power is spreading, I hope you will use the same logic that you apply in Thailand and call for the immediate resignation of President George W. Bush. Perhaps, though, people power isn't relevant in the land of (those already) free.
    Richard White Chiang Mai, Thailand
    America's port security
    Regarding the article "After U.S. port debacle, doubt on investment limits" (April 8): Senator Richard Shelby was quoted as saying that "The Dubai deal showed that nobody knew anything."
    On the contrary, all of the politicians against the DP World deal knew exactly what they were doing: using an easy target to show how tough they are on security.
    If these same congressmen who opposed the Dubai deal are genuine about tackling security issues, why don't they use America's power to influence China and Russia regarding Iran, for example? Iran poses a far greater threat to the United States than a company that runs half a dozen ports.
    Bharat Jashanmal Manama, Bahrain
    An ally in India
    I beg to differ with the editors of your editorial "U.S.-India deal threatens global nuclear balance" (April 8).
    India has certainly been more responsible than America's supposed partner in the war on terrorism, Pakistan, which we can thank for spawning nuclear proliferation. Pakistan harbors terrorists. U.S. military advisers cannot fully rely on Pakistani intelligence reports without fear of misinformation.
    India is an important U.S. ally and has been a responsible steward of nuclear technology and an extraordinary example of nuclear restraint in the face of repeated attacks by Pakistani extremists. Other countries in the region - U.S. allies - would be wise to observe the same restraint that India has demonstrated for over 35 years.
    India also represents a counterweight to China's growing financial and military influence.
    India has been ignored by the United States for far too long.
    Ken Haumschilt, Shanghai


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